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Dusty Futon

The Dusty Futon

A Musician's podcast where we talk with artists and collaborators about their music. You get to listen to a few tracks by your NEW favorite musician's while hearing stories surrounding the music. Every so often, we trail off onto random subjects, and there are almost always surprise nuggets of info you wouldn't learn anywhere, unless you grabbed your seat on...The Dusty Futon!




Jan 31, 2018

Dusty Futon Remix Season 2 is a replaying of old episodes of The Dusty Futon from Season 2.  In this episode, Tyler comes back to the FUTON and joins Big Jon in Big Jon commenting on Season 2, Episodes 1-2, of our show.  It's refreshing to hear Tyler's voice back on the Futon...he provides plenty of color commentary and some good information on music! <SPACE>

The second season of The Dusty Futon began our focus on music; however, we still weren't quite sure on the format of the show.  Episodes were anywhere from 15 minutes long to 30+ minutes!  Tyler coined it, and Big Jon definitely agrees, this season was DEFINITELY the awkward moments of our young child...but you still walk away feeling like you picked something up from sitting on The Dusty Futon! <SPACE> Follow us:, Twitter @DustyFuton, Instagram @DustyFuton,, EMAIL: