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Dusty Futon

The Dusty Futon

A Musician's podcast where we talk with artists and collaborators about their music. You get to listen to a few tracks by your NEW favorite musician's while hearing stories surrounding the music. Every so often, we trail off onto random subjects, and there are almost always surprise nuggets of info you wouldn't learn anywhere, unless you grabbed your seat on...The Dusty Futon!




Apr 18, 2018

Matt, Matt, and Marc are all family by blood, and Colton might as well be.  These four boys that make up Electric Mud are hard-working Veterans who make some good-old rock music that'll satisfy many rock lovers need for new music.  Reminiscent of the 70's rock out of LA, these guys brought some new tracks from the album...

Apr 11, 2018

Chris Leyva and Mike Dorsey ARE the Falling Doves and they fly onto the Dusty Futon with Big Jon and Spicy Kim.  They brought with them a unique experience for the fan…a RAW DEMO version of a song off of their newest album.  "Falling Doves" kicks ass; however, the version WE got to listen to is definitely more punk...

Apr 3, 2018

Roni Lee is our guest on the Futon as we kick off SEASON 6! Tyler is back and hosts Roni along with NEW COHOST Spicy Kim.  Roni talks about the difficulties of being a woman in the male dominated industry of music and shares some intriguing stories from her past. One of her favorite bassists, the sassy and...

Mar 28, 2018

The Dusty Futon is BACK with BRAND NEW EPISODES!  In this episode Big Jon, Tyler, and NEW COHOST Spicy Kim talk all things Dusty Futon!  Well, most things…and plenty of things you probably didn't really want to know.  Tyler and Big Jon reminisce a bit and Spicy tells her story. 

We are not just a podcast, we are a...

Mar 21, 2018

Dusty Futon Remix Season 2 is a replaying of old episodes of The Dusty Futon from Season 2.  In this episode Big Jon comments on Season 2 Episode 13 of our show.  This final episode of Season 2 marks the end of Dusty Futon REMIX (for now) without going to jail!

The second season of The Dusty Futon began our focus on...