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Dusty Futon

The Dusty Futon...A Musicians Podcast...


Listen as Big Jon replay's Season one episodes and provides a bit of commentary. 

Season 6 will debut April 4th, 2018!  STAY TUNED!

Dec 27, 2017

Dusty Futon Remix is a replaying of old episodes of The Dusty Futon.  In this episode, the very first Remix, Big Jon introduces and comments on Season 1, Episodes 4-6, of our show.  In this season, the original co-host, Tyler, is featured.  He provides plenty of color commentary and some good information on music!  Not at first though...

The first season of The Dusty Futon wasn't intended to be strictly about music; however, a few episodes in, we both realized that it was all we wanted to talk about!  Thus, the Dusty Futon you know and love took shape!  The episodes were shorter, and the content less, but you still walk away feeling like you picked something up from sitting on The Dusty Futon!

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