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Dusty Futon

The Dusty Futon...A Musicians Podcast...


Listen as Big Jon replay's Season one episodes and provides a bit of commentary. 

Season 6 will debut April 4th, 2018!  STAY TUNED!

Oct 4, 2017

Chugboat is a fun party band that got its start thanks to a friend breaking their back. Literally…that’s how they got started! They got their start playing party music and have kept the roots of those days with their original music. The use of interesting instruments like a glockenspiel and mandarin increase their appeal.

Simple beats and fun lyrics fill in this large group of friends who enjoy playing music together. And when I say “Fun Lyrics” I really mean, well…the use of descriptive language and visuals to tell uniquely adult oriented stories. Their music is kind of Folk / Bluegrass / Americana / Rock all mixed together…although, they choose to call it Party Jams. Their Brand new EP just dropped and we play one song from all three of their current EP’s! Check out their tunes in this week’s episode.